How to Cook Yellow Sauce Fish, a Delicious Papuan Culinary – Culinary fish cooked in yellow sauce is very popular in Papua. This dish is usually served in one package with papeda. How to make? Let’s see!

Papuan cuisine in the form of Papeda fish cooked in yellow sauce is very suitable to be eaten, especially during the day. The menu of fish cooked in yellow sauce adds flavor to Papeda, which generally tastes bland.

This yellow sauce of the cooked fish is also useful for removing the smell of Sago on Papeda. The yellow color in this dish is obtained from turmeric as a natural dye.

In addition, turmeric is also able to eliminate the fishy smell of fish. This yellow gravy tastes fresh, sour, salty and spicy, mixed perfectly with fish which has a soft and dense texture.

Culinary fish cooked in yellow gravy is only known by the Papuan people who live on the coast, lowlands where sago plants are found, and islands off the coast. Culinary fish cooked in yellow gravy is not known in the traditions of the Papuan mountain community.

For urban areas such as Sentani, Jayapura, Sorong and other cities, culinary fish cooked in yellow gravy is included in the menu list of restaurants or restaurants. While in the countryside, the fish cooked in yellow sauce is served at a communal meal.

Papuan cuisine made from fish is only processed with turmeric and some spices. For people who live in urban areas, materials can be purchased at the market. Usually complete spices are sold by traders in the form of a package.

For people in rural areas, ingredients do not need to be purchased, fish are their own catch. While the ingredients for spices come from their own garden. So you can be sure it is still fresh and organic.

There are two types of fish used, for people living in Lake Sentani, the fish used is native snakehead or tilapia ones.

For people who live on the coast or small islands, the fish used is from sea. The ingredients in cooking fish in yellow sauce are Sentani cork fish, tilapia fish, tilapia or sea fish.

The spices used consist of turmeric, galangal, lemongrass, lime, tomatoes, cooking oil, shallots, chilies, ginger, basil, and salt.

How to make it, spices consisting of onions, chilies, lemongrass, ginger, and galangal are ground until smooth. Heat the oil, then fry the ingredients that have been mashed earlier.

Five minutes later add the fish. After stirring, add warm water, lime juice and salt to taste. Before removing, add the basil and tomatoes.

People living in Lake Sentani, usually in cooking this culinary use firewood with pottery containers.

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