Horison Hotel’s Excellent Steps to Attract Tourists to Come to Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – Hotel Horison Jayapura and Kotaraja have their own way of attracting tourists to Earth Cenderawasih.

A General Manager of Horison Kotaraja and Jayapura Hotels, Eddy Soenarno Soerjaningrat explained that a number of attractive promos were prepared by the Horison Group, which already owns 11 hotels in Papua.

“Our hotel promotions are always disseminated through social media, which is currently so massive. In this promotion, we also present a number of tourist destinations in Papua to attract tourists to visit Bumi Cenderawasih,” explained Eddy, Saturday, October 22, 2022.

Not only that, Eddy ensures that Horison Hotel always provides cleanliness and excellent service to its guests.

“Cleanliness is the main thing, so that guests who have visited and stayed at Horison are always impressed and want to come back again,” said the man who was always smiling.

Eddy explained that tourist destinations in Papua are no less interesting than other destinations in Indonesia. Moreover, Papua has the advantage of beaches and clear rivers.

“Guests who come to Papua are always impressed by this natural beauty. We hope that this tourist destination can be maintained and further developed in the future,” he said.

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