Honors for Education and Health Workers for Papua Remains to be Paid

goodmorningpapua.com – The chairman of the Papuan House of Representatives (DPR), Jhoni Banua Rouw, said that honorariums or salaries for education and health workers will still be paid in the near future, both for health workers at the Dok II Hospital, Abepura Hospital, Mental Hospital, and all education personnel in Papua.

“Basic services such as education and health are our duty and responsibility to continue to be paid for, basically it is a regional head regulation,” said Jhon when met at a well-known hotel in Jayapura City, Tuesday (18/10/2022).

It is said, for the education fund budgeted in the APBD of IDR 40 billion, this figure is completely insufficient for hundreds of thousands of students and educators in Papua. Therefore, there is an additional IDR 220 billion and an additional IDR 300 billion, so this amount is possible to pay for all needs in the field of education.

“From our several visits through commissions in various regions in Papua, it turns out that there are still educators who get a salary of 1 million rupiah. The numbers are very sad for an educator at this time,” he explained.

Banua continued, there are even schools that are taught by only one class teacher, even more strangely, there are still teachers who did not graduate from junior high school but teach junior high school students. Things like this, including the use of the budget, have been submitted to the relevant agencies to provide their reports, and are still waiting.

“Regarding the progress and quality of education, proper and tested human resources are needed, so that our children can also get the best results in education,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Jayapura Regency Education and Culture Office, Ted Mokay, who was mentioned about the honorarium for teachers in a number of high schools in Jayapura Regency which has not been paid to date, explained that the status of SMA has not been fully managed by the Jayapura Regency Government, and the issue of honorariums. and the salaries of teachers in high schools are still the responsibility of the Papua Provincial Government.

“We have forwarded the reports of the teachers to the Papua Provincial Education Office, indeed there are still many teachers who have not received their rights so far. We also hope that the provincial government can pay close attention to this matter so that teachers stay at home and want to carry out their duties and responsibilities,” said Mokay.

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