Hidayatullah Launches a Football School in Jayapura, Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – As a mass organization spreading from Sabang to Merauke, Hidayatullah continues to strengthen the role and work of da’wah and education through various programs, one of which is the Football School (SSB) in the Regional Working Meeting arena of Hidayatullah Papua Regional Board.

“Alhamdulillah, on Friday (28/1), the Hidayatullah Regiona Board supported by BMH Papua successfully launched a new program in the field of interest and talent education, namely the Football School (SSB). The SSB was inaugurated directly by the Deputy Secretary General of the DPP Hidayatullah, Ustadz Abdul Ghofar Hadi MSi,” explained Hidayatullah Papua DPW Chair, Ustadz Mualimin Amin.

The SSB, which was launched by Hidayatullah Papua, was strengthened by two Indonesian football stars in the Indonesian national team at that time, namely Elie Aiboy as a head coach and Ocovianus Maniani as assistant coach.

Elie Aiboy said that Hidayatullah in Holtekamp Jayapura City has a representative and very beautiful soccer field. So, for him, it is very suitable if it becomes a center for learning and training soccer for children in Jayapura.

Meanwhile Octovianus Maniani stated that he was very interested in joining SBB Hidayatullah in order to find young talents who could be trained to become professional soccer players.

“My heart was moved when I saw a very good field and definitely the desire of the younger brothers in the future intends to become soccer players who can compete at the level of the Indonesian national team,” said Maniani.

Furthermore, a Deputy of General Secretary of DPP Hidayatullah Ustadz Abdul Ghofar Hadi said that this SBB was the first and only football school in Hidayatullah.

“I think this is a very good idea and maybe the first in all of Hidayatullah in Indonesia. Hopefully in the future there will be students who are proficient in cultivating the round skin, making the name of the nation and Muslims proud,” he explained.

The launching session was marked by the symbolic handover of the SBB uniform by the Chair of the DPW Hidayatullah Papua, Ustadz Mualimin Amin to Elie Aiboy and Octovianus Maniani and several attendees at the Hidayatullah Papua Regional Work Meeting arena.

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