Heroic! 2 Midwives Assisted a Mother’s Delivery in the Midnight of the Papuan Forest

goodmorningpapua.com – The acts of armed violence by unknown persons, which often afflict health workers in Papua, have not in the slightest dampened the intention of Midwife Suria Ningsih and her colleague, Midwife Noni Tefa, to serve the Papuan people, with sincerity and compassion.

This was demonstrated by the two health workers when they assisted a deliver of a mother in the middle of dense forest in the Kimam Island area, Waan District, Merauke Regency, Papua. This assistance was carried out by the two midwives on Saturday (28/5/2022) at midnight.

The heroic action of Suria Ningsih Bela, who is fondly called Midwife Bela, and her colleague, Noni Tefa, who is fondly called Midwife Noni, went viral on social media after being uploaded by Suria Ningsih Bela Sirenden’s account on Facebook, on June 1, 2022.

According to Midwife Bela, the story took place in Waan District, Kimam Island, Merauke Regency, Papua, precisely on Saturday (28/5/2022) around 22.00 WIT. The process of giving birth in the middle of the forest occurred because the location of the patient’s house from the Puskesmas was very far. “The process of giving birth in the open with the process, actions, and minimal equipment, wherein the distance from the house of the mother who will give birth to the location of the Health Facilities (Health Facilities)/Puskesmas quite far.”

Another factor is the husband’s alert actions, and the taboos of local customs that are so strong for a woman when it’s time to give birth,” said Midwife Bela. Because of the mother’s condition, it was finally decided to give birth in the middle of the forest.

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