Here is how Edo Kondologit views the Papua PON – A singer Edo Kondologit invites the local people to succeed the National Sports Week (PON) XX on Cenderawasih Earth which will be held starting October 2, 2021.

“We have to appreciate what the government is doing today to remains in wanting to carry out PON in Papua,” said Edo.

As a Papuan child, Edo really appreciates the government’s efforts. The choice of Papua as the host, in his opinion, shows that Papua gets the same portion and place before the state.

“For me this shows that we Papuans are not underestimated. We are really being cared for by the government, by this country, yes, it is our responsibility to develop Papua,” said Edo.

“It means, this must be a motivation for us, Papuans, so that we are ready to improve ourselves, the community please help, please participate in the success of this PON, be a friendly community, which welcomes our brothers, athletes from all provinces who will come to Papua. ,” he continued.

Edo appreciates the government’s efforts, which is in his view are still very serious in organizing PON, though in the current pandemic situation. This artist, who has also starred in a number of films, admitted that he continues to follow the news regarding the facilities being prepared.

However, the man living in Sorong regrets that the news about the progress of preparations for the Papua PON has been covered up by the situation in Papua which is widely reported to be less conducive.

Edo hopes that the media can provide objective information about the actual situation on the ground. He said the incident carried out by the troublemaker group in Papua occurred far from the venue for the PON.

“When there are events that are not conducive, it’s not really all Papua, it’s only certain areas in the hinterland. This means that this Papuan area is very safe for us to hold PON,” said Edo.

Armed with the experience of organizing the 2018 Asian Games, Edo is optimistic that Indonesia can hold the PON well. In addition to strengthening the brotherhood of the nation, he sees PON as a proof that Indonesia is a strong and resilient nation.

“Though when there is a big problem, we are hit by this terrible epidemic, but we can survive, and we can organize this big event,” said Edo. “It’s just that because of this pandemic outbreak, you have to enforce health protocols, meaning that you have to wear masks and so on. The protocol must be carried out seriously,” he explained.

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