Healthy Menu in the Cafe Markette Jayapura Style –  food intake is very good for the human body. Especially during the pandemic of Covid-19, it is recommended to eat healthy and nutritious food.

Cafe Markette by Mercy, the only cafe serving healthy foods and drinks with a taste that is often found in restaurants or street food. This cafe is located on Jalan Anyura, Jayapura City, Papua.

The Co-Founder of Markette, Mercy Andrean, said that the healthy menu contains 100 percent of the basic ingredients of plants without animal, milk or egg elements. The price of food and drink itself varies from Rp. 30 thousand to Rp. 55 thousand.

“So all of our desserts, food and drinks are without animal products,” she said, who was once a candidate for Miss Earth Animal Welfare 2017, Friday.

Like making Cake Markette, it has a maximum age of 2 days. For example, a pandan bread using an original real pandan extract without additional flavours. “Cakes are made without preservatives, without added developers and other flavors,” he said.

In addition to no preservatives, Mercy also replaces eggs which are the ingredients for making cakes with flagships. “In addition to being free of cholesterol, this flagship is rich in fibre and has good fats and is rich in omega 3. So we eat a good bread, rich in whole grains, which usually only contains carbohydrates but we have other nutrients,” said Mercy.

In terms of taste, the former Top 10 Miss Earth 2017 claimed to have mixed the recipe in such a way that it tasted the same as food in general. Like the taste of the cinnamon roll known as European bakery.

“Even though the original use of butter uses white sugar, without that, we try. And we use palm sugar for the sweet taste of the cinnamon roll, because it has a better index, is rich in minerals and healthier in tastes. So the healthy can be received, and the delicious can also be obtained,” he said.

Cofineco barista at Markette, Jenni F Hokoyoku admitted that she was challenged after seeing the Markette concept. The mixture of cow’s milk to add to the enjoyment of the coffee taste is replaced with soy milk.

“This is a challenge for baristas, we joined Markette because of we want coffee not only to be consumed by teenagers, but parents so that they can maintain their health, but can drink coffee without worrying about taste,” he admits.

Jenni admitted that healthy coffee with using soy milk is only available at Cafe Markette. “Our coffee is the only one using soy milk, so for the taste it must be delicious and healthy,” said Jenni. 

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