Growing 14 Percent, Bank Mandiri Papua Assets Currently Reaches IDR 1,638 Trillion – Bank Mandiri Region 12 Papua recorded an asset growth of 14 percent during the 2021 pandemic to Rp1,638 trillion.

Apart from assets, a Vice President of Bank Mandiri Region 12 Papua, Wisnu Jatmiko when conveying Bank Mandiri’s performance throughout 2021 also revealed credit growth of up to 17 percent.

“(Bank Mandiri) assets of IDR 1,638 trillion yoy grew 14 percent, then there were also loans of IDR 1,021.6 trillion yoy growing 17 percent with a Gross NPL of 3.15 percent, and third party funds of IDR 1,214 trillion with a CASA ratio of 69.74 percent,” said Vishnu Jatmiko, Saturday, January 15, 2022.

Wisnu said the development of Bank Mandiri was supported by the launch of Kopra by Mandiri and Livin by Mandiri. Kopra by Mandiri is a digital solution to unify all corporate needs in one platform for easy access to Mandiri wholesale products and services.

“Kopra by Mandiri itself the services provided are online assistance services, online forex transactions, consolidated financial dashboards, opening checking accounts and online supplier registration,” he explained.

In addition, continued Wisnu, Bank Mandiri launched the super app of Livin by Mandiri for retail customers which can be directly downloaded via the app store on IOS and Playstore on Android.

A variety of the latest features enjoyed by loyal Bank Mandiri customers, such as opening new accounts, face verification, quick access, cardless cash withdrawals, credit card applications, credit applications, top ups and updates of e-money balance in one super app Livin by Mandiri.

Bank Mandiri is currently holding a Livin ‘to the max lottery program for all customers around Indonesia, including in Papua. The program runs until June 30, 2022.

The total prizes in the program are 100 BMW Xi units and 1,000 Vespa Sprint and Yamaha NMAX motorcycles. “This program is drawn once a week,” said Vishnu.

To welcome Chinese New Year, Bank Mandiri provides promo interest for Mandiri Multipurpose Loan products starting from 10.5 percent, with special benefits in the form of a limit of up to IDR 1 billion and a period of up to 15 years specifically for Bank Mandiri payroll customers.

“Digital product services and programs presented by Bank Mandiri aim to improve the quality of service to loyal Bank Mandiri customers and the growth of business transactions in Papua,” he explained.

Wisnu added, Bank Mandiri’s network spread around Papua and West Papua includes 34 branch offices and 27 micro offices by 2021. Bank Mandiri also provides e-channel services including 256 ATM machines, 2,270 EDC machines and 163,000 users of Livin by Mandiri.

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