Green Generator Becomes Power Sources for 5 Remote Villages in Wondama Bay – PT PLN (Persero) continues to be committed to electrifying 3Ts areas throughout Indonesia, including remote villages in Papua and West Papua. Using 5 Solar Power Plants (PLTS), PLN has succeeded in providing electricity to 5 villages in Wondama Bay, West Papua.

The five villages are Dusner Village, Nanimori Village, Karuan Village, Yopanggar Village and Menarbu Village with a total of 236 families of customers. Meanwhile, the electricity needs for the five villages will be supplied by PLTS Dusner with a capacity of 40 kWp, PLTS Nanimori 20 kWp, PLTS Karuan 10 kWp, PLTS Yopanggar 30 kWp and PLTS Menarbu 20 kWp.

In his remarks at the inauguration of 5 PLTS which was centered in Dusner Village, the Deputy Regent of Teluk Wondama, Drs. Andarias Kayukatui M.Si, expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the services of PT PLN (Persero). According to him, with the construction of PLTS and the existence of electricity services from PLN, it can illuminate villages that so far have not felt electricity continuously.

“Thanks to PT PLN (Persero) now residents can enjoy electricity. We hope that the synergy together will support economic growth in the villages, because electricity is very essential in the sustainability of development programs. For the residents of 5 villages, we hope to support and maintain existing assets, so that we can enjoy electricity safely and comfortably,” said Andarias.

Meanwhile, Roberth Rumsaur, Manager of PT PLN (Persero) Manokwari Customer Service Implementation Unit (UP3) said that to electrify the five villages, the investment cost incurred by PLN reached Rp. 11.71 billion or around Rp. 49 million per customer.

Roberth also advised all people to use electricity wisely and according to applicable regulations. “Congratulations to the 5 villages in Wondama Bay who are currently enjoying electricity as a gift for Easter 2022 and Ramadan 1443 H. For all customers, please pay for electricity on time and use it legally for the sake of safety and comfort of all of us,” he explained.

In addition, Roberth added, his party will continue to accelerate to electrify villages that do not have electricity until the ratio of electrified villages reaches 100% in accordance with the government’s assignment. “We are committed to continuing to provide excellent and reliable service. Given that the availability of electricity is one of the important points in the necessities of life to support access to education, the economy and even the long-term growth of business and industry in the region,” concluded Roberth.

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