Green Energy Becoming PLN’s Mainstay Lights Up198 Villages on Earth Papua – PT PLN (Persero) has succeeded in lighting up 198 villages in Bumi Papua until May 2022. 122 of them are electrified using an eco-friendly energy through the Rural Electricity Program.

This success is thanks to PLN’s commitment to overcoming village electricity challenges in Papua and West Papua with PV module-based Electric Energy Charging Stations relying on solar power.

General Manager of PLN Main Unit for Papua and West Papua Region, Moch. Andy Adchaminoerdin, stated that his party will continue to make efforts to electrify villages in Papua.

“We continue to work on completing assignments to electrify villages in Papua and West Papua,” Andy said in a press release received on Saturday, June 11, 2022.

Andy said, the increase in the number of electrified villages boosted the ratio of electrified villages in Papua and West Papua which currently has reached 96.89 percent, up 0.9 percent from the previous year.

To answer the challenge of electrifying villages in Papua and West Papua, PLN has made a breakthrough by providing technology that makes it easier to distribute equipment, especially in remote areas.

“We use PV SPEL (PV module-based Electricity Charging Station) with solar energy-based APDAL (Electricity Charging Equipment) to electrify remote villages which is currently being used in 88 villages in Papua and West Papua,” said Andy.

PLN is now prioritizing the use of new, renewable energy-based plants or EBT which are more environmentally friendly. One of them comes from solar power plants (PLTS).

“This year we plan to build 48 PLTS with a capacity of 10-120 kWp to electrify 71 villages. We focus on completing villages where low-voltage isolated networks have been built,” said Andy.

In addition to focusing on electrifying villages, PLN also continues to improve system reliability in the cities of Papua and West Papua. The current power generation capacity reaches 545 MW with a peak load of 424 MW. Meanwhile, the electrification ratio of Papua and West Papua has reached 96.84 percent.

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