Great!, Yapen Won 7 Gold and 2 Silver from the Papua Provincial Government – The Yapen Islands are again proud to have won a number of sports at the Papua Provincial Student Paralympic Week (Peparprov) taking place in Jayapura since Thursday 23 June 2022.

It is incredible that athletes with disabilities under the auspices of the NPC or the National Paralympic Committee coordinated by Rachel Ayomi succeeded to win 7 gold and 2 silver medals.

“We won these 5 Yapen disabled athletes to Jayapura. We get optimistic and finally we won the 3rd place in Papua in the swimming sport on behalf of Raditya, Stinke Ayomi, Yohanes Ayorbaba, Boi Woru,” Rachel said, Tuesday, June 28, 2022.

According to Rachel, the absence of the inauguration of the NPC’s management is the current obstacle, so that the participation of Yapen’s disabled athletes only uses a personal budget.

“As soon as we go to the regent to report if there are NPCs in Yapen so that they can participate and be supported, so far there have been none, so we will pay for it ourselves,” he explained.

Besides, Rachel also expressed that the recruitment of athletes was done randomly. Luckily with her husband’s motivation and support, Rachel managed to bring the Yapen Islands Regency’s good name.

“The regent must know that we have extraordinary athletes, even though they are disabled, but excel. Please support this NPC so that they can go to the next matches carrying the name of Yapen, “he hoped.

It is known, Peparprov Papua is a sporting event to select athletes for Peparpenas 2023 in South Sumatra and Peparnas 2024 in North Sumatra. Peparprov Papua was followed by 8 contingents from regencies/cities throughout Papua.

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