Graduating from the United States, Two Papuan Girls Invite the Young Generation to Entrepreneurship – The mindset of the young generation of Papuan Native People (OAP) must be changed. If currently most young people are still thinking of working as a Civil Servant (PNS), TNI/Polri and others, then it’s time to look at the private sector and entrepreneurship.

The invitation was conveyed by Ruth Somisu and Desi Esema, recipients of educational scholarships from the Papua Provincial Government who have accomplished studies at Western Michigan University (WMU) and the University of Alabama at Birmingham, United States in 2020.

“We invite OAP youths to come forward together. Building Papua does not have to be a civil servant, because at this time the opportunity and economic potential of Papua in the entrepreneurial private sector is very large, “said Ruth, a business class teacher and bio-entrepreneurship class at the Swadiri School of Bio Science (STBS), Jayapura, Saturday night (11/June/June 11). 2022).

Ruth Somisu

Ruth and Desi are currently members of the Papua Young Entrepreneur Association (GARAP). Both of them together with the founders and mentors at GARAP embraced young Papuan people to jointly open up new economic opportunities in the entrepreneurial sector.

“I received a scholarship in 2015. I took 10 months of briefing and coaching at the Jakarta International College (JIC) and started studying in 2017 in America with a major in aviation management and operations. Currently, together with the founders of GARAP, we are educating young Papuans to open up entrepreneurial opportunities,” said Desi Esema, from Yahukimo.

Both of them appreciated the policy of the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, SIP, MH, who was concerned with developing indigenous Papuan Human Resources (HR) through a scholarship program for OAP students who study at home and abroad.

According to Ruth, this scholarship program must be greatly paid attention from the Central Government and the Papua Provincial Government (Pemprov) because it really assits the Papuan generation in acquiring an education at various levels of study.

Desi Esema

“This scholarship program is very good. Today it may not be visible, but 10 years to 20 years the impact will definitely be positive,” said Ruth

Desi admitted that by receiving a scholarship from the Papua Provincial Government and studying in America, she acquired a lot of experience as an international student. In addition to the knowledge gained, he and students from Papua were also educated by foreign experts and lecturers with high discipline.

“I (I) got many extraordinary things and experiences while studying abroad. apart from science. We gain experience being taught by experts with extraordinary disciplines. I ask that the scholarship program for OAP children should be continued for the sake of changing the land of Papua,” Desi asked.

Ruth and Desi also invited OAP students at various universities at home and abroad to seriously study on time so that they could return to their homeland to build Papua.

Desi and Ruth with colleagues are preparing materials for young Papuan entrepreneurs at the GARAP office. (private doc)

“The opportunity to go to college only comes once, so we invite younger siblings who are still in college to focus on studying so that they graduate on time and return to waking up Papua,” said Ruth.

Meanwhile, a Head of the Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDM), Aryoko AF Rumaropen, SP, M.Eng appreciated Papuan students who had finished college on time and are currently returning to Papua to help the government open up new business opportunities.

The Papuan provincial government, said Aryoko, remains committed to developing OAP human resources in order to build a more advanced future for the Land of Papua.

“Mr. Governor Lukas Enembe pays special attention to Papuan human resources. He is very concerned about developing Papua through education,” said Aryoko.

Ruth Somisu, from Tanah Merah, Jayapura Regency, is a recipient of a Papua provincial government scholarship who graduated from Corban University with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and completed a Master’s degree at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, a Business Administration study program.

Desi Esema, from Yahukimo, finished her undergraduate studies at Western Michigan University (WMU) majoring in Business and Aircraft Operations.

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