Governor Lukas Enembe Launches Three Books on Development in Papua – Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe launched three books virtually, Monday, July 26 2021. The three books were entitled “Making Straight on Special Autonomy”, then “Torang Gets Able to PON XX: Supremacy and Glory of Papua” and “The Fall and Awake of Lukas Enembe: Arranging the Stories, Uncovering the Facts of Governor.”

The Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe in his speech said that he felt he had been chosen by God to protect and develop all the people inhabiting Papua by paying special attention to the Papuan Indigenous People (OAP) who have been considered to get neglected, backward and isolated.

Indeed, said Enembe, the Papuan people should feel comfortable and happy living on the land of Papua. OAP must get the birthright to live properly on his land. He also appreciated the book entitled “The Fall and Wake of Lukas Enembe: Arranging Stories, Uncovering the Governor’s Facts” which was written by the Personal Secretary of the Governor of Papua, Elpius Hugi.

“As a person I trust to be the Personal Secretary (Sekpri) of the Governor of Papua in carrying out his duties and responsibilities. I am sure that Elpius Hugi has the capacity and ability to tell a good story about the journey of the Governor of Papua from time to time, along with their respective portraits,” said Enembe.

Enembe considers all the experiences recounted in the book to be objective and authentic. He also considers it will be part of the consequences of a leader’s journey. As a Papuan leader, continued Enembe, we do not only need leaders who are intelligent, visionary, innovative, but more importantly are leaders who are tough, brave to defend the truth, are consistent, inspire, and take sides with the community, and fear God.

Meanwhile, Elpius Hugi said, the narrative presented in this book will open new perspectives and even new paradigms to see how the Central Government views the leaders in Papua.

“The common thread that I draw in this book is the thick political suspecion, accusing each other, blaming each other, the politics of distrust between Jakarta and the governors in Papua,” he said.

Elpius said, this book clearly reviews without hiding anything about how efforts have been made by parties who do not like the actions of Governor Lukas Enembe in developing Papua. Likewise, these elements take advantage of government officials, both the Ministry of Home Affairs, the KPK, and even the Polri.

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