Governor Lukas Enembe Inaugurates Yahukimo Student Dormitory in Jakarta – The Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, inaugurated the Yahukimo Student Dormitory in the Batuampar – Condet complex, Jakarta, on Friday (25/02/2022) yesterday.

Lukas hopes that Yahukimo dormitory can be used as a house of prayer for the students over there. Governor Lukas Enembe said education is very important for the young generation of Papua.

“Keep studying until your schooling gets accomplished, and return to contributing to your area of ​​origin in Yahukimo Regency,” said Enembe, in Jayapura, Saturday (26/02/2022).

Not only that, the number one person in Papua revealed that he was grateful to God because the Yahukimo Regency Government was able to prepare the dormitory for the next generation of Papua. The dormitory with an area of ​​approximately 403.46 square meters is equipped with various modern wifi facilities, two motorized vehicles, furniture and kitchen facilities.

Meanwhile, Yahukimo Regent Didimus Yahuli explained that the Yahukimo Condet student dormitory is an asset belonging to the Yahukimo Regency Government.

“This dormitory is the first fruit of the development for Yahukimo’s recovery,” said Didimus.

In addition, said Didimus, the dormitory is also the initial door for the government’s attention to the sons and daughters of native Yahukimo in pursuing education outside the region.

“So where there is certified study city land belonging to the Yahukimo regency, the government will build proper and worth dormitories for students,”

Not only that, according to Dididmus, the local government of Yahukimo has also planned the construction of dormitories in each study city from Sabang to Merauke, with a note that the land belongs to the government of Yahukimo Regency.

“This is a form of government attention, so that Yahukimo’s sons and daughters get a proper place while studying in the study city,” he explained.

As the number one person in Yahukimo, Didimus added, the construction of the building was carried out on the basis of the courage of the Yahukimo Regency Government.

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