Governor Invokes Papuan Students Not being Provoked by the Issue of Repatriation – A Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, invoked Papuan students who received scholarships not being provoked by the issue of repatriation from the study city which could disturb the learning concentration.

This was conveyed by Spokesperson for the Governor of Papua Muhammad Rifai Darus to clarify the statement of the Governor of Papua regarding the discourse of repatriating thousands of students from Papua who study with using special autonomy funds (Otsus).

“To students who are currently studying at home or abroad, Governor Lukas Enembe hopes that students will remain calm, not being provoked by information issues that can disturb the concentration in studying,” said Rifai.

According to Rifai, the governor’s view on the potential repatriation of scholarship-winning students as a result of the issuance of Law No. 2 of 2021 concerning the second amendment to Law No. 21 of 2001 on Special Autonomy for Papua.

And, Rifai continued, Government Regulation (PP) Number 106 of 2021 concerning the authority and institutions for implementing the Papua Special Autonomy policy and Government Regulation Number 107 of 2021 concerning the acceptance, management, supervision, and master plan for the acceleration of development in the context of the implementation and policies of Otsus Papua.

“So basically, the Governor wants to open a wider discussion space with the Central Government in discussing policies relating to the Papua Province,” he said.

For the governor, harmonization in forming a statutory regulation related to human resource development in Papua Province is very important.

“Excellent programs such as the eminent scholarship for Papua which have been going on for quite a long time are a conception of the governor’s awareness of the importance of the education sector in realizing the awakening, independence and welfare of the just Papuan people,” said Rifai.

Not only that, continued Rifai, Governor Enembe did not want any policy changes that would result in a reduction or relocation of the education sector budget that would disrupt the sustainability of the Papua Superior Scholarship Program implementation.

“The governor stated that education is the best ammunition for the next generations in developing Papua Province. Because whether the future of Papua is bright or not is largely determined by the quality of the young generation who are currently receiving education,” he said.

In this regard, Governor Enembe invites all elements in Papua to collaborate with the Central Government to build a constructive, effective and sustainable communication channel.

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