Governor Enembe Launches Two Papuan Economic Recovery Programs – A Papua Governor Lukas Enembe launched two programs to restore the economy during the Covid-19 pandemic. The launching took place at the State Building, Jayapura City, Wednesday, August 18, 2021.

The two programs in question are the Siap Waropen website or the Application System for Supervision of the National Economic Recovery Program and Papeda credit or the Regional Finance Access Acceleration Program.

The Papua Governor, Lukas Enembe, in his remarks said, the launching of the two programs today shows the spirit of developing Papua even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This launching shows that the pandemic that we are currently dealing with together does not hinder the enthusiasm and fighting power of all parties to design, formulate and implement  the efficacious policies for the community,” said Enembe.

These two programs are interrelated between welfare and economy and technology. “With current technology, of course, there are many aspects that will be developed faster, the budget absorbed is also more efficient and produces great work, therefore all ASN must improve their quality in mastering technology,” he said.

Lukas Enembe suggested the relevant stakeholders to run the Siap Waropen website to the maximum so that the benefits can be felt by all parties, especially the people in Papua.

“Don’t let technology like the Siap Waropen website be only sweet at the beginning. Websites belonging to any agency must also be filled with information and others so that the community can benefit without exception,” he said.

A Head of the Financial Services Authority of the Provinces of Papua and West Papua Adolf Fictor Tunggul Simanjuntak supports the Papeda credit program, so that through this program it is hoped that it will be right on target.

“This credit must be distributed to the Papuan people who really need it and who have a business. Don’t get the wrong target,” said Adolf Fictor Tunggul Simanjuntak.

OJK will help oversee the provision of Papeda credit, so that it can be felt by people in need, especially 0 percent credit interest

Adolf hopes that this program can have a positive impact on improving the economy of the Papuan people and can improve the economy and welfare of the people in the MSME sector.

“We want Papuan people’s businesses to develop, which initially received the Papeda credit, then could get KUR with a nominal value of IDR 50 million to IDR 500 million until later on commercial credit,” he hoped.

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