Government Provides Honors to Nine Papuan Telecommunications Fighters – Government, through the Minister of Communication and Information, Johnny G. Plate, gave honors to nine telecommunication fighters for their services in an effort to equalize digital infrastructure in Indonesia. The nine fighters referred to are workers who were victims of a gun attack occurring on March 2, 2022 at around 03.00 WIT, located at the B3 Repeater Site (CO 53M 756085 9585257) Mulia District, Puncak Regency, Papua Province.

The humanity tragedy resulted in eight fatalities, including Bona Simanulang, Renal Tagase, Bili Gadi Balen, Jamaluddin, Syahrul Nurdiansyah, Eko Satyansah, Bebi Tabuni, and Ibo. One survivor is Nelson Sarira.

“The government gives honors to telecommunication fighters. This honor is provided so that their services and sacrifices in developing digital connectivity to remote areas of the country can always be remembered and become role models for all of us,” he said, Thursday (17/3/2022).

“And always remember that their contribution is not only in the distribution of telecommunications networks but also their great contribution in the development of our country,” he added.

The Minister of Communication and Information expressed his deep sadness and sorrow over the incident that took place and affected the digital ecosystem in Indonesia. “Mixed feelings between sadness and anger, it is difficult to understand such access, at the same time we join hands to build our country so that our people are served so that Indonesia rises up and is equal to other countries,” he said.

According to Johnny, venture to build digital infrastructure to provide national digital connectivity in remote, underdeveloped and leading areas have challenges that are not easy due to landscape factors and transportation and security facilities. “From the extraordinary landscape factor, means of transportation with its own challenges to the security situation,” he said.

Johnny appreciates the workers who devote themselves to Papua as extraordinary individuals with the noble task of building digital infrastructure to catch up and be equal with other nations. “The attack on nine PT. PTT workers who at that time was carrying out maintenance of ICT infrastructure at the B23 repeater site in the Mulia District of Puncak Regency in Papua gave us deep sorrow,” said Johnny.

“As the Minister of Communication and Informatics, I express my sympathy and deep condolences. I strongly condemn acts of violence that result in death. This does not reflect humanity, does not show the value of kinship as a nation,” he said.

A Director of BAKTI at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Anang Latif, stated that the award for eight victims and one survivor due to acts of terrorism was not merely ceremonial. “Eight victims and one survivor. The Telecommunications Hero has a family who was forced to leave. This event has the meaning of glorifying life for the struggles of the victims and survivors,” he said.

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