Government Maximizes the Implementation of the G20 Summit Side Event in Papua – A central government and West Papua one continue to make maximum efforts in carrying out the Woman of Twenty (W20) event, a side event of the Group of Twenty Summit (G20 Summit). With the implementation of the G20 Summit series, West Papua and Papua will be increasingly recognized at the international level.

When Indonesia hosted the G20 Summit, the W20 event was immediately held in this country. The appointment of West Papua to host the W20 was a surprise since it was believed to be the organizer of the international forum. No wonder the committee and the government maximize the implementation so that it runs without problems.

A General Chairperson of Papuan Women Intellectuals, dr. Rosaline Irene Rumaseuw, M.Kes stated that the West Papua provincial government is very ready to entertain guests participating in the W20 Summit. Doctor Rosaline looked directly at Manokwari and saw the facilities, then gave a thumbs up in praise.

The W20 committee has coordinated with the relevant regional apparatus organizations. They also support and want to make the W20 event a success. They even had an audience with the Governor of West Papua, Drs Dominggus Mandacan, M.Sc. The governor also of course expressed his support.

In a sense, this forum is fully supported by various parties, from the local government of West Papua to the relevant apparatus organizations. If there is a collaboration, it is certain that this event will be a great success, because everyone is determined to present the best. In particular, because the guests were women of the G20 member countries, the event had to be of an international standard.

Moreover, the 2022 W20 forum was held in the midst of a pandemic so that the health workers and the Covid handling task force team also supported so that this event was held without fear of Corona transmission. All guests present have been swab tested and confirmed negative for Covid and during the event, they are required to wear masks and maintain a distance between participants.

The support from the provincial government and the relevant appparatus organizations must also be supported by the security forces. The security factor is very important because we don’t want this event to be disrupted by arrow attacks or bullets fired from the separatist and terrorist groups (KST). They can by design make a mess to attract public attention, in the sense that they want to get an exposure so that their existence can be seen.

In addition, there is also support from the Ministry of Communication and Information in the form of telephone and internet networks. So that it is certain that in Manokwari and its surroundings there are no blank spots that can disturb with the smooth running of the event. Meanwhile, in other areas in West Papua, internet access has also been strengthened.

The blank spots must be avoided because it is possible that this event will be held in hybrid, aka half of it online and the rest in person, due to the pandemic factor so that there are participants who cannot come because the Corona case there is still high.

In W20, women’s empowerment, especially disability and rural women, will be discussed. They also have to come forward and get the same rights as urban women, so that there is a principle of justice. In addition, it is certain that there is export potential because Indonesian representatives can promote Papuan products to other W20 participants.

The implementation of W20 must be conducted in maximum because this is an international event, so everything must be prepared carefully to the minimum. The W20 event is proof that West Papua is capable of being a good host. Therefore, the committee and local government as well as related device organizations always coordinate for the smooth running of this event.

Author: Moses Waker (Papuan student living in Surabaya)

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