Government is Invoked in Emulating Gus Dur to Overcome Papua’s Upheaval – A member of senate (DPD) from West Papua, Filep Wamafma invoked the government of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to emulate the steps of the 4th President of the Republic of Indonesia Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur) in resolving the turmoil in Papua.

Filep said the government can reduce the turmoil of groups considered terrorists by adopting a non-violent approach to culture, ideology and other matters. According to him, during his tenure as president, Gus Dur prioritized this over military operations.

“In developing Papua, the government can imitate how the government of President Gus Dur employed an approach by understanding  ethnicity, culture and religion, not through sending troops from the TNI and Polri,” said Filep in a written statement, Monday (6/9).

Filep said the problems in Papua and West Papua cannot be separated from three old problems that have not been resolved until now. The first is regarding allegations of human rights violations.

“Since Papua was integrated with Indonesia and during the New Order era, with the area of ​​military operations under President Suharto, until now there has been no government desire to resolve the conflict, which is a remains from the past and has been handed down to the present,” said Filep.

Then, said Filep, the ideological understanding is due to differences of opinion on the history of Papuan integration and the history of armed conflict. Lastly, related to allegations of human rights violations in Papua, many of which have not been resolved through the court process.

“If the government wants to settle it, it can be processed clearly, but the state will definitely protect it because it is done not on an individual basis but on behalf of an institution,” he said.

Furthermore, the senator from West Papua said that the natural resources (SDA) of the Cendrawasih Earth was also a concern for indigenous Papuans. As stated by him, the people of Papua so far have not felt justice in taking the natural resources.

“However, the government, instead, considers it a terrorist or KKB. The government should only be able to state that in Papua Province there are several groups or individuals who want to fight or liberate Papua. So the stigma of terrorists is not appropriate to implement this,” he said.

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