Government Finalizes Preparations for the Inauguration of Three New Autonomous Regions in Papua – A Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) continues to finalize preparations for the inauguration of three New Autonomous Regions (DOB) in Papua.

One of these commitments was conducted through the Central and Regional Coordination Meetings in the context of the Pre-inauguration of South Papua Province, Central Papua Province, and Papua Mountains Province in Bali, Wednesday (26/10/2022). A Deputy Minister of Home Affairs (Wamendagri), John Wempi Wetipo, in his speech said that from the presentation of the three working groups (Pokja) that had been deployed to each region, the three new autonomous regions had met the requirements for the inauguration of the Acting Governor.

“Actually, from our steps today (yesterday, ed) on the back there is an inscription ‘pre’ which means to stabilize, to make sure that we are sure that we will move forward, will be further ahead,” Wempi said as quoted in a press release. Puspen of the Ministry of Home Affairs. He also mentioned the dynamics in the selection process for Acting. The governor is part of the spirit to develop Papua. On the same occasion, he also appreciated the various parties who continue to support the success of governance in the three new autonomous regions.

“The spirit of the division carried out is how to have equality, there is for enthusiasm, there is motivation for us to make Papua better,” he explained. Wempi also confirmed the names that would be proposed to become Acting Officers. The governors in the three new autonomous regions are the result of gathering aspirations from various related parties.

On the other hand, later after the inauguration of Pj. Governor, Wempi hopes that the procession will also be followed by the inauguration of other officials. This is done so that the wheels of government in the 3 new autonomous regions of Papua are carried out properly.

“I hope that the Acting Governor, the Regional Secretary, and also the other OPD Heads can synergize, building a strong team to be able to harmonize this (development),” concluded Wempi.

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