Government Encourages an Affirmation Program for Education in Papua –  Head of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Laksana Tri Handoko emphasized two important things to advance human resources in Papua.  The such two points include equal distribution of education and development of competition.

“Firstly, regarding how the development of human resources in Papua must be clear, there is equity first. At least up to the middle school level. So, in terms of education it is necessary to ensure the distribution is equal,” Handoko said in a written statement, Friday.

Handoko said it is necessary to look at the pattern of Papuan human resource development in order to have the opportunity to compete on an equal position with other regions. He said there was a need for an affirmation program on the principle without eliminating competition to a certain level.

“Education should indeed need to be adapted to the character of the region, say the character and culture of the area, because of they don’t have to be in class from what time to what time, like in other places, “he said.

Handoko added that so far the Ministry of Education and Culture has implemented an affirmation program, for example by giving special scholarships for Papuan students. Then KemenpanRB has also carried out an affirmation program, for example through the recruitment policy of CPNS for special formation from Papua.

Furthermore, he underlined, there is a need for programs related to further assistance, so that human resources can adapt quickly and have more reliable competencies.

Next, there needs to be further guidance, because the potential of Papuan human resources is actually no different, as far as I know, “he said.

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