Government Builds Harvard-Level University in Papua – The government builds a university with Harvard level. A member of the Indonesian House from the Papuan constituency, William Wandik, welcomed the government’s plan to build an International University in Papua. This building is expected to be able to create quality human resources for the Papuan people.

“We hope that this can bring about a change for the indigenous Papuan people. We expect to improve the quality for Papuan human resources,” he explained when confirmed, Tuesday (15/2).

This Democrat Party politician explained that the presence of the Papua International University will provide fresh air for the education sector, especially the higher education in Cenderawasih Earth.

“Obviously this will be the first time in Papua, and it could be the “Harvard” of Indonesia in Papua. We are very happy if this is realized, “explained this member of Commission V DPR RI.

The man who is also the head of GAMKI said that the existence of the Papua International University (UIP) can create strong Papuan human resources and certainly contribute superior quality human resources that will advance the Land of Papua.

“And of course, in the future it is hoped that it will help Indonesia pursue the demographic bonus in 2030 and Indonesia Gold in 2045,” he said.

As known, Papua Province in the near future will soon have an international standard university. Even the campus called the Papua International University is said to be a rival to Harvard University in the United States.

This was after the central government officially handed over the Decree (SK) of the Minister of Education and Technology Number 24/E/O/2022 on the establishment permit and the inauguration of the Papua International University (UIP), Monday, February 14, 2022.

The decree, which has been released since January 17, 2022, is the government’s support for the education sector in advancing human resources in Papua.

At the University, there will be two excellent faculties, namely science and technology and teaching and education. The campus is also facilitated with an international-scale research center to support student learning facilities.

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