Government Affirms Continually to Care the Welfare of the Papuan People – A Presidential Chief of Staff, General Retired Moeldoko denied that the government had no care for the security and welfare of the Papuan people. For him, until this moment the government has never put aside the affairs of Papua.

“The government continues to seriously pay attention to the welfare and progress of the people in Papua,” he said in the Kuningan area, South Jakarta, Thursday (21/7/2022).

As stated by him, serious evidence that the government has never left the Papuan people is with the issuance of Presidential Instruction Number 09 of 2020 concerning the Acceleration of Development in Papua, which is commanded by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia.

“The second is Law Number 22 of 2021 concerning the Revision of Special Autonomy for Papua which emphasizes increasing the special autonomy fund so that the special autonomy fund and governance increase, the participation of indigenous peoples and women,” he explained.

Not only that, the government has also formed 3 new autonomous regions (DOB), namely Central Papua, Mountains Papua and South Papua. “As a part of bringing public services closer to the community,” he said.

 The general population of Papua and others, for Moledoko, want a peaceful and peaceful life. “They don’t want to be involved in their weapons crimes. I got a report from the regent who spoke the same language,” he said.

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