Gorontalo Athletes & the Coachs of PON XX 2021 Papua Undergo the Concentrated Regional Training

goodmorningpapua.com – 18 athletes from 9 sports and 9 coaches of the Gorontalo Province contingent at the PON XX 2021 in Papua, are currently undergoing a regional training camp/TC, in preparation for departure, Monday (2/8/2021).

The chairman of the KONI of Gorontalo, Fikram Salilama, said that the training concentration was carried out to avoid unwanted things for athletes.

“We are preparing ourselves to fight at the PON XX in Papua Province. So that all the expectations of the Gorontalo people can be realized in this achievement,” said Fikram.

Therefore, Fikram also said, all the rules have been agreed upon by athletes, coaches and successful teams, that families are prohibited from meeting, let the athletes and coaches focus on preparing themselves.

“During the 2 months quarantined at the Regina Hotel, everything was facilitated by the Gorontalo Provincial KONI ranging from food, medicine, to media personnel (doctors) to treat the athlete,” said Fikram enthusiastically.

At this time, as explained by Fikram, that the Government had helped both from sports facilities and other preparations and fully supported the preparation of the PON XX in Papua.

“If there are athletes violating it, then of course they will be fired by the Gorontalo Provincial KONI, because they are asked to be serious in carrying out this quarantine,” said the Aleg of the Gorontalo Provincial DPRD.

Separately, Head of the Gorontalo Province Education and Culture Office, Wahyudin A. Katili, said that currently his party is quite good at cooperating with the Gorontalo Province KONI.

“Alhamdulillah, our athletes who emerged through the PPLP institution have contributed enough to bring the good name of Gorontalo Province on the national stage,” he explained.

It is hoped that Wahyudin, in the future, the cadres of outstanding young athletes will start early. For example, we have branded SMA 6 Gorontalo as a sports school in Gorontalo.

Hopefully this will arouse enthusiasm and motivation. We will add and allocate sports infrastructure facilities at SMA Negeri 6 Gorontalo, and so that the level of education in the field of sports is even better.

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