Good News, People of Puncak, Papua Can Get Free Treatment at the Mitra Masyarakat Timika Hospital – Pemda Puncak and Mitra Masyarakat Timika Hospital signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) or a memorandum of understanding on health services for the Puncak community who seek treatment at the Mitra Masyarakat Timika Hospital.

The MoU was held  in Timika, Wednesday, November 2, 2022 by the Regent of Puncak Willem Wandik, SE, M.Si and the Director of Mitra Masyarakat Hospital, Dr. Joni Riko Tandisau’.

Regent Willem Wandik explained that this collaboration was intended so that Puncak citizents who came for treatment at Mitra Masyarakat Timika Hospital or known as Caritas Hospital in Timika no longer needed to spend money because everything was borne by the government.

“This is the government’s obligation to fulfill health services for its citizens,” said the Wandik Regent.

With this MoU, said the Regent of Wandik, it is enough to show the Puncak ID card so that residents can get free health services.

According to Wandik, the population of Puncak is almost 80 percent in Timika, because they are looking for a safe place after the last few years the security situation in Puncak has been disturbed.

In addition, because Mitra Masyarakat Timika Hospital provides free health services to the people of Timika, especially the seven tribes residing in the PT Freeport Indonesia mining area, many Puncak residents have asked to change their domicile in order to have Mimika ID cards.

“I emphasize that with this MoU, Puncak people who have a Puncak ID card can also get free treatment at Mitra Masyarakat Hospital, so there is no need to ask for a change of domicile,” he said.

Director of Mitra Masyarakat Timika Hospital, Dr. Joni Riko Tandisau, explained that with this MoU, all Puncak people who live in Timika and Puncak will get free health services and treatment.

“We are ready to provide services, there is no need to think about the cost, if it is according to the requirements, please come for treatment because all costs are borne by the government,” he explained.

The requirement to get free treatment is enough to show your KTP or Family Card.

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