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Good News, a Governor Lukas Enembe Returns to Papua After Medication in Singapore

goodmorningpapua.com – The Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, finally returned to Jayapura after previously having his health checked regularly in Singapore.

Spokesperson for the Governor of Papua, Muhammad Rifai Darus, said that after completing a routine thorough health check in Singapore, then quarantined in Jakarta, Enembe was finally able to return to Earth of Cenderawasih.

“A Governor Lukas Enembe along with the Chair of the Papua PKK TP Yulce Enembe and his family arrived at Sentani Airport using Garuda Indonesia GA 656 aircraft, Monday (24/1) around 07.30 WIT,” he said.

According to Darus, Monday morning (24/1), Enembe had arrived in Jayapura and was ready to return to work.

“A Governor Enembe is in good health and ready to carry out his duties to serve the community,” he said.

He explained that the public could see the real condition of Enembe’s health so that they should not make bad opinions about someone’s health.

“We are ready to carry out important agendas in the future, so let’s work together with the government to make Papua rise, to be independent, to prosper with justice,” he said.

Previously, Rifai Darus clarified the allegation that the medication process for Lukas Enembe had made governance in Papua neglected. In his statement earlier this month, Rifai said that the treatment process for Lukas Enembe had obtained permission from the Minister of Home Affairs, Tito Karnavian, and had also followed procedures in accordance with the provisions of existing laws and regulations.

“This includes getting permission from the Minister of Home Affairs to carry out medical check-ups during the 2021 Christmas and New Year 2022 holidays,” said Papua Governor Spokesperson Muhammad Rifai Darus in a statement, Wednesday (5/1).

According to Rifai at that time, Lukas Enembe as an Indonesian citizen (WNI) had the same rights to obtain the fulfillment of the right to health in various ways, both prevention and healing.

“Unfortunately, false narratives that are still in the corridor of hypotheses have been considered as scientific presentations by a group of people,” he said.

He explained that Lukas Enembe asked a number of figures who urged him to resign or be replaced by an official appointed by the Central Government to enrich themselves first with valid information. He also asked the group who wanted to revoke the governor to know the physical condition of the governor from the official or competent authorities.

“After the treatment of Governor Lukas Enembe from Singapore a few months ago, a number of organizational arrangements were made in the Papua Provincial Government solely to strengthen coordination and accelerate performance,” he said.

Lukas Enembe also advised indigenous peoples throughout the Land of Papua not to be divided by agendas that tend to fight each other. Enembe invites all traditional, religious and community leaders in Papua to maintain peace and tranquility.

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