Globalizing the Typical Batik of Papua, Mama Papua Market Forum Holds First Exhibition in Jayapura – For the sake of globalizing the Papuan typical batik of Papua, the Mama Papua Market Forum held an inaugural exhibition entitled Papuan batik exhibition in Jayapura City, Papua Province. The exhibition was held right in front of the Art Building, Jalan Irian, North Jayapura District.

There were a number of stand tents from the Papuan mama-mama batik groups exhibiting Papuan batik which is their own work.

In general, the Papuan mama-mama batik products are divided into 2 types, namely hand-drawn batik and stamped batik with various motifs, ranging from Birds of Paradise, Tifa musical instruments, coconut trees, to traditional tribal ornaments.

“Today is the first day, the Papuan Batik Exhibition, there are 6 workshops for Papuan Batik craftsmen and approximately 4 fashion businesses, and in the future it is possible for others to become participants,” said a Chairperson of the Mama Papua Market Forum, Reverend Maryam Kaliele to Tribun-Papua .com, Monday (10/10/2022).

Maryam explained that the exhibition was held with the intention of lifting the image of Papuan Batik and bringing native Papuan craftsmen to life.

“It is once a promotional event to the general public and Indonesia, even the world can know there is an interesting and rich Papuan batik,” she said.

On that occasion, Maryam explained that the rising of batik showed a very positive trend, especially OAP as a craftsman and perpetrator of batik fashion still existed.

“However, it must be admitted that there is still minimal attention, especially the challenge for Papuan mothers in batik is the ability of supporting equipment,” she explained.

For this reason, her party from the Mama Papua Market Forum wants to accommodate batik craftsmen in the exhibition, to help them and to develop their business, so that the public can be more familiar with the works produced.

“This activity is also related to the commemoration of the National Batik Day on October 2, 2022, so the interest is related to the celebration as well,” said Maryam.

The smiling woman hopes that, in the future, the government can help her party in reviving the assisted Papuan women group which is divided into several studios so that they can exist for batik.

“This time we are at the Art Building, and we hope that in the future we can hold exhibitions at the stadium on a larger scale,” she hoped.

She also hopes that in a larger-scale batik exhibition, her party will be able to present other batik creative works from every ethnic group in Papua Province.

“Because at this inaugural batik exhibition, only Tabi have appeared, in the future there must be more than other tribes,” she said.

Asked about the prospects for batik in the future, Maryam said that the Land of Papua has an extraordinary wealth of culture and customs, so that ornaments and local wisdom, as well as symbols can be introduced through Papuan batik.

The Papuan batik exhibition will be held from Monday 10 October to Friday 14 October 2022 and will be open from 10.00 to 21.00 WIT.

Not only Papuan batik products, Papuan mothers also sell special accessories, Noken, and Papuan musical instruments.

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