Gibran’s Commitment to Papuan Students: Making Solo a City Like an Own Home – Papuan students meet with the Mayor of Surakarta, Gibran Rakabuming Raka at his office, Bale Tawangarum, Surakarta City Office Complex, Monday 29 November 2021.

A chairman of the Papua Brothers Football Club (PBFC) Solo Raya, Iwan Sis, said the event was followed by 30 Papuan students.

Also participating in the event were the Surakarta Police Chief, Kombes Pol Ade Safri Simanjuntak, Dandim 0735/Surakarta Lieutenant Colonel Inf Devy Kristiono, Head of Kesbangpol Surakarta City Indradi AP, and the Papuan arts community, UNS students, Unisri, Setia Budi, UNSA, USahid, APN Surakarta, Indonusa, Mataya, and Sahid Surakarta students.

On that occasion, S3 student at the State University of Surakarta (UNS) Intan C Dullah invited friends from Papua to be able to adapt to customs and places of residence.

“This is a proverb for us who are wandering, because we have to respect the rules in the place we are stepping on. Even though we move places, the new place certainly has different rules from the previous one and certaintly we have to obey and respect it,” he said.

The chairman of Impas Soloraya who is also a student of the UNSA master’s program, Moses Ferdinand Kamer, wants to establish cooperation between the Surakarta City Government and students from Papua.

“I represent Papuan students in Solo asking for security guarantees from Gibran and we, Papuan students, will also keep Solo City safe. Moreover, President Jokowi comes from Solo and has built a better Papua,” he said.

On that occasion, Gibran wanted Papuan students who are currently studying to inform other Papuan youths that Solo City can be a reference city for Papuan youths to continue their education. Moreover, Solo is a secure, friendly and cheap city for the cost of living.

“Make Solo your own home. I have already explained to all of my friends that in Solo there are many top universities, including the cost of daily living which is also cheap. Solo can be a place of reference for friends from Papua to continue their education. We want our friends here to make Solo feel like home,” he said.

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