Getting to know Kuala Kencana, Modern Kawasa in Timika – Kuala Kencana is a modern district located in Timika, Mimika Regency, Papua, Indonesia. Kuala Kencana is managed by PT. Freeport Indonesia.

So, Kuala Kencana is not a place for tourism, because it is a limited area that can only be entered by those who have an identity card and a permit from PT Freeport Indonesia.

This neatly arranged area without electricity poles also limits any passing vehicles.

Vehicles that want to go in and out will pass through a strict and thorough checkpoint by security officers at the Timika-Kuala Kencana border checkpoint.

The arrangement of the city of Kuala Kencana is famous for being good because there are no standing electricity poles. The electricity system at Kuala Kencana is underground.

Not only electricity lines, communication channels to clean water distribution are also embedded underground.

Quoting TribunTimur, Kuala Kencana is also the first city in Indonesia to have a sewage system that is directly connected to a waste management center.

Housing in Kuala Kencana also uses a modern western-style concept, very different from the residences of most Indonesians.

The houses are built without fences and are equipped with large yards. The housing arrangement is also orderly and neat and blends with the natural conditions in the lowlands.

Quoting Kompas, several residential complexes of Kuala Kencana residents include RW A or Bumi Satwa Indah, RW B or Tirta Indah, Apartment complex, complex Jl. Bougenville, and finally the Bachelor’s Quarter.

This area also has complete facilities. There are PT Freeport Indonesia offices, employee housing complexes, soccer fields, indoor badminton courts, indoor futsal fields, Olympic standard swimming pools, golf courses, and shopping centers.

Public facilities such as schools, square (The Plaza), churches, mosques, salons, libraries, restaurants, to banking services are also available.

The roads in this area are also smooth paved and the Kuala Kencana area provides clean air quality.

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