Getting to know Enggros Village, a Location of the Sixth Conference of KMAN in Jayapura City

Kampung Enggros or Injros, which is located in the Abepura District, Jayapura City, has been established as a meeting place for the 6th Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago Congress (KMAN) in October 2022.

This village has several times won the title of Exemplary Village in Papua Province. The specialty of Enggros Village has been taken into consideration until it was chosen as the place for the KMAN VI conference.

Enggros village itself cannot be separated from the existence of the Youtefa Bridge located in Youtefa Bay. This village is located in the Youtefa Bay Nature Park area.

Natural tourism parks, including small bays located in the Yos Sudarso Bay area, have been designated by the Decree of the Minister of Agriculture Number 372/kpts/Um/6/1978 dated June 9, 1978.

Furthermore, in 1996 the legal status of the Youtefa Bay area was strengthened by the issuance of the Decree of the Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia Number 714/kpts/1996 dated November 11, 1996 concerning the Designation of Youtefa Bay Area as a Conservation Area with Designation as a Nature Tourism Park covering an area of ​​1,657 hectares.

Youtefa Bay Tourism Park is flanked by two promontory protruding from the left side, namely Tanjung Pie and Tanjung Saweri on the right.

This park is only separated by a small strait about 300 meters wide called the Tobati Strait and is also the entrance and exit of Youtefa Bay from the sea (Yos Sudarso Bay).

Youtefa Bay Tourism Park includes flat to undulating lowlands with an altitude range of 0-73 meters above sea level. In addition, there are mangrove forests or mangroves.

In some other parts there are mountainous areas and also sago forests that stand on the sidelines of the mountains. There are two streams that lead to Youtefa Bay Nature Tourism Park, namely the Acai River and Entrop River with a width of about 20 meters to get to the Park.

Enggros village is located in Youtefa Bay Tourism Park, it can be said as a village in a bay in a bay. To reach Enggros Village, visitors to the KMAN gathering must first go to Youtefa Bay Tourism Park which can be reached by land access through several alternatives.

First, from downtown Jayapura to the south it is about 4 km using the Jayapura Entrop road in 15 minutes. Second, from downtown Jayapura by using the Jayapura-Abepura road, about 13 km to the south with a distance of 25 minutes.

Third, from Abepura City about 2 km to the east, namely the Abepura road to Tanah Hitam, it takes 10 minutes. After arriving at Youtefa Bay Tourism Park, visitors can use a speedboat with a travel time of about 15-20 minutes from Hamadi Pier and 25-30 minutes from Abepura Pier.

Currently, Enggros Village is one of 3 villages and 8 urban villages including in the administrative area of ​​Abepura District, Jayapura City which has an area of ​​33.37 hectares.

The administrative boundaries of Enggros Village are, in the north it borders with Tobati Village, in the south it borders on Abepantai Village, while in the west it borders on Waim Horock Village and in the east it borders on Holtekamp Village.

This village, which has several times won an exemplary village at the Papua Province level, has the village motto Ruuwah Teei-heen Ticahi Nukni Hanased which means one way, one heart, we work for the greatness of the village.

Meanwhile, the village vision is the realization of a modern, clean, advanced, prosperous, safe and peaceful Enggros Village. As for the four missions of this village, the first is to continue development towards a modern village.

Second, strengthening the pillars of the development of Kampung Enggros (from the three stoves – custom, religion and government). Third, strengthen customary rights and empower village communities. Fourth, realizing the strengthening of the socio-cultural values ​​of the village community. Not only that, Kampung Enggros also has 8 principles, starting from living in the village, sitting down in the village, talking in the village, concepts in the village, having proposals in the village, working in the village, and money in the village.

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