Get Wrestling with the Hydroponic Vegetable Business, Retirees at Yapen Earn Millions of Rupiah – The Covid-19 pandemic has been more than a year changing people’s habits to create new hobbies. Starting from flower trends, fish cultivation, to plant cultivation with hydroponic techniques.

Although a lot has been done, hydroponic plant cultivation has increased during the Covid-19 pandemic. As did Musa, a retired Department of Agriculture of the Yapen Islands Regency.

At first, Musa tried to cultivate plants using hydroponic techniques by utilizing the vacant land behind the house. The aim is to fill time at home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Who was supposed that hydroponic cultivation, which was initiated 5 months ago on 20×15 meters of vacant land, would generate coffer of rupiah. His new hobby has sweet fruit into a business.

“Initially, I used the vacant land behind the house, especially since this pandemic has also spent a lot of time at home, over time I have been working on it and finally I have been able to produce it,” said Musa when met by, Friday, October 22, 2021.

Currently there are two types of vegetables that he grows using the hydroponic technique, namely lettuce and Pakcoy. Besides being easy to care for, these two types of vegetables are in great demand by the public for consumption.

Lettuce is a fast growing vegetable and is also easy to grow. That’s why lettuce is suitable for cultivation using a hydroponic system. Generally, lettuce seedlings will begin to grow after two weeks of planting.

While Pakcoy or often referred to as bok choy is a green vegetable that is rich in vitamins and minerals. Cultivating it at home using hydroponics is easy to do.

Currently, Musa admitted to limiting orders for hydroponic vegetables from his cultivation, due to limited manpower or workers. Now, Musa is only able to serve 30 packages of vegetables a day.

“Most food stalls and cafes take (vegetables), up to 30 packages a day. While indeed we are still limiting it due to limited human resources for workers here, (currently) the children who help if they have free time, yes, thank God the turnover (income) can reach millions (rupiah),” said Musa.

Hydroponic cultivation is very suitable for coastal areas, such as in the Yapen Islands. This technique is also suitable for people who want to garden, but do not have enough land.

“Those who are interested in learning and will to know about hydroponics can also come here, in the future maybe we will add vegetables, such as kale and mustard greens,” said Musa.

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