George Saa, Son of Papua Being a World Physics Olympiad Champion –Septinus George Saa’s figure is well-known enough. His name was first known to the public after winning the competition of the First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics in 2004. How could not,  he succeed in making a new discovery entitled Infinite Triangle and Hexagonal Lattice Networks of Identical Resisto. It is formula of counting of  resistance between two points of the resistors series he found was named by his name itself namely “George Saa Formula”.

When writing this paper, he was still a student of SMA Negeri 3 Jayapura, Papua. In his research, he was specially trained by the Father of Indonesian Physics, Professor Yohanes Surya. Early November 2006 he had to present the results of his research in front of physicists in Poland. He had to prove that his research on counting resistor nets was the original idea.

Thanks to his discovery, George Saa had the opportunity for studying a research at the Polish Academy of Science in Poland for a month under the guidance of a great physicist. Not only that, he also had the opportunity to receive a scholarship from Aburizal Bakrie’s Freedom Institute for continuing his undergraduate studies in aerospace engineering, Florida Institute of Technology in 2006.

It was proven that he was a smart figure, it didn’t take long, only 3.5 years George Saa successfully finished his education, namely in 2009. After graduating he had worked for a mining company in Bintuni, West Papua. In 2015, George continued his master’s degree in materials engineering at the University of Birmingham, England.

George Saa becomes a pride son of Papua and of course he succeeded in making the Indonesian nation proud. Even though he comes from a simple family, this does not discourage in fighting  for and becoming a useful figure.

George Saa was born in Manokwari on 22 September 1986. Since he was a child he felt how to live frugally. He began to feel a little prosperous when his father Silas Saa, was a Head of Forestry Service of the South Sorong Regency,  West Papua, for the period 2003-2008. But even so, their families still have to save money.

When George Saa was a child, he often lacked of money to go to school. At that time his father only served as a section head with an echelon IV rank in Jayapura. While the needs are very much, the father must support and send five children to school.

Even though his past is quite difficult, George Saa has proven that his lack does not mean that he has to stop dreaming. He proved that there are many ways to achieve success and become a proud figure.

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