George Saa Appreciates President Jokowi’s Concern to Papuan Youth – A young Papuan leader, Septinus George Saa, expressed his appreciation to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) who is paying serious attention to developing Papuan human resources through the trust given to Papua Muda Inspiratif (PMI).

George Saa said in a press statement in Manokwari, Friday 11 November 2022 in response to President Joko Widodo’s (Jokowi) plan to inaugurate the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) building in Jayapura, Papua in December 2022.

“As one of the founders of the Papua Muda Inspiratif (PMI), I personally appreciate the concern and trust given by the President and the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) to Papuan youths through PMI as a driving force for the young generation of Papua,” said George.

Therefore, he hopes that at the moment of the inauguration of the PYCH building by the President, all (21 founders) of PMI who have presented their respective work program plans in front of the President in 2019, will be active and contribute to the success of PMI.

He said the facilities and infrastructure building at PYCH is on an area of ​​around 1.5 hectares, equipped with the main building, dormitory, sports venue, hall for exhibitions or presentations, and co-working space.

“All facilities and infrastructure can be managed, utilized and accessed by all young Papuans who have dreams of becoming reliable businessmen in their respective fields,” he said.

PMI is a big house together with all young Papuans who are ready to work together to encourage progress in each of the fields they are involved in.

Therefore George also encouraged PMI, who was entrusted to be one of the managers of the PYCH building, to open wider access so that more young Papuans could join.

“We have been built a house by the President and BIN, let’s work there for the advancement of the welfare of Papua. Many young men and women from the regions wish to join PMI but have not received access,” he said.

He also encouraged PMI to become a transparent organization in managing partnership funds provided by cross ministries as well as central and regional governments.

PMI is a forum entrusted by President Jokowi and directly assisted by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) to encourage all young Papuans to work and create superior products for MSMEs and their technology to be marketed in order to strengthen the Papuan and national economy.

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