Genital Stone, a Sacred Tourism in Raja Ampat Ampat gets rich in tourist destinations. One of them is a genital stone said to be similar to the male genitalia.

This stone is located in Lopintol Village, Mayalibit Bay District, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua Province. To get to this destination, it can be done by boat transportation from Warsambim. From Waisai to Warsambim, you can take the Damri bus by paying IDR 50,000 per passenger.

From Warsambim, tourists can rent a boat belonging to a fisherman to this male genital stone, with a boat rental of around Rp. 500 thousand to go home. The boat from Warsambim goes along the bay, heading towards Lopintol Village, after passing Lopintol Village and then arriving at this rock.

This genital stone has a religious value and is sacred. The stones are two stones shaped like male genitals that hang above the water, these stones are found on a karst cliff in Mayalibit Bay.

Actually, the two stones are stalactites resembling a male genitalia on karst cliffs in Mayalibit Bay.

Each of these stones has a length of three meters with a diameter of 40 centimeters. Genital stones are a megalithic tradition related to belief in supernatural powers. Natural stone that is sacred and has a certain power.

According to the story of the people of Lopintol, the two stones have existed since time immemorial and there is no clear explanation of their origin. But the stone is believed to be able to give offspring to people who do not have children, by only touching it or holding it.

Finishing to touch or hold it then a coin is presented at the end of this male genital stone. Both of these stones can be categorized as megalithic traditions.

In addition to road access to Warsambim, to reach the location of the male genital stone, you can take a speed boat from WTC Harbor or Waisai Torang Cinta.

This sea journey passes through the islands in the Mayalibit Bay area to a small island. On the walls of this island, there are two stalactite stones hanging towards the sea surface.

For a set of trip to Mayalibit Bay, it is priced at Rp. 6 million, it surrounds Mayalibit Bay to tourist attractions such as Lopintol Village, Blue River, Air Falls, and Male Sex Stone. The trip took six hours round trip.

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