“Gebyar PON”, Echoes a Papua Safe to the Remote Indonesia

goodmorningpapua.com-A Head of Sub-PB PON Jayapura City, Benhur Tomi Mano said the activity of “Gebyar PON” was carried out to echo the PON that was already in sight.

“Jayapura City as a sub-PB PON is ready to succeed in organizing PON. Many sports are competed in Jayapura City. The PB PON support is highly expected for the success of PON, “explained Benhur, during a speech at the PON Gebyar which was held in the courtyard of the Papua governor’s office.

He asked local people to echo the PON in the surrounding environment, even throughout Indonesia.

“Think that Papua is safe, Torang can carry out PON. Of the 25 districts, currently only one district, namely Hedam District, is still in the Covid-19 red zone status. I believe in July, Hedam District will be able to move from the red zone to the green zone,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Governor’s Expert Staff, Priwarno Purnomo, who opened the “Gebyar PON”, said that Papua was ready and able to carry out the PON.

“We have to prove that the PON logo saying “Torang Bisa” can give birth to excel athletes and have a winning mentality, so that they can appear in national and international sporting events,” he said.

He said the journey of PON stems from the obsession and desire of the Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe and the late Deputy Governor Klemen Tinal to revive sports in Papua.

“We hope that all parties are disciplined in implementing health protocols, because this year’s PON is different from the previous PON,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Daily Chair of PB PON, Yunus Wonda said “Torang Bisa” has a great meaning. The implementation of PON is not only the responsibility of the entire community of Jayapura City, but also the entire community in Papua.

“We make sure that all Papuan children, musicians, artists and others in Jayapura City will be involved in PON. We show Indonesia, we have customs, there is Lake Sentani and Papuan nature will smile to welcome the nation’s children coming to Papua, and they will also return with the same smile,” Yunus said.

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