Garuda Indonesia Becomes an Official Airline for PON XX of Papua 2021

Garuda Indonesia Becomes an Official Airline for PON XX of Papua 2021 – A national airlines of Garuda Indonesia together with the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) have established a strategic cooperation to support the development of national sports achievements. This was marked by the signing of a cooperation agreement of “Corporate Privilege” between Garuda Indonesia and Central KONI, Friday (5/2021). Through this collaboration, Garuda Indonesia officially becomes an “Official Airline” and supports all of KONI activities including the holding of the 20th National Sports Week (PON) at Papua.

Regarding the scope of this cooperation, Garuda Indonesia will provide benefits and added values of flight services for all administrators, athletes, contingents and officials at 34 Provincial KONIs and 71 main sports branches under the Central KONI.

Garuda also provides a special price offer for international route flights and sporting events that KONI participates in as well as various other benefits of “Corporate Privilege” cooperation.

The President Director of Garuda Indonesia, Irfaniaputra, revealed that as a National Flag Carrier, Garuda Indonesia is committed to continually take an active role in supporting the improvement of Indonesia’s competitiveness through collaboration with the Central KONI for the sake of supporting the achievement of national sports achievements.

One of them is to fully support for the PON XX which will be held in Papua in October 2021.

“Hopefully this cooperation can strengthen a more competitive national sports ecosystem, by providing a healthy, safe and comfortable flight accessibility.  It is especially through the optimal and consistent implementation of health protocols in all operational lines for national athletes who will fly to compete in the global and national arena,” said Irfan in his statement.

In line with Garuda Indonesia’s commitment in encouraging the improvement of national sports achievements, Garuda will also give special appreciation to national athletes who would have made achievements in the global arena such as the gold medal at the Olympics.

The appreciation is in the form of upgrading facility of flight class into a business class for those who will travel with Garuda Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the General Chairman of the Central KONI, Lt. Gen. TNI (ret.) Marciano Norman welcomed the collaboration with Garuda Indonesia as the proud airline of the Indonesian people. 

“The high activity and mobility of athletes, contingents, and officials spreading throughout Indonesia, of course, requires an easy access to do our activities. Therefore, fulfilment of the need for air flights is important for an achieving sports community,” said Marciano.

Marciano also mentioned a lot of sporting events requiring the participants to use air transportation.

“With an extensive network that can reach out almost all regions in Indonesia as well as being one of the airlines with the best protocol implementation in the world, certainly Garuda Indonesia is the right choice for us, especially during this pandemic era when health is top priority. Hopefully this cooperation in the future will able to be developed much more, “said Marciano.

Through this collaboration with the Central KONI, Garuda Indonesia also provides a special discount of up to 15 percent at the PON XX event for all athletes, contingents and officials who will fly to Papua.

Furthermore, Garuda Indonesia will also provide a dedicated a counter of check-in to facilitate accessibility of the pre-flight process for all athletes, contingents and officials.

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