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Galanita Persitoli undefeated in the Pertiwi Cup

goodmorningpapua.com – A women’s soccer association (Galanita) Persitoli Tolikara representing Papua is almost certain to qualify for the last 8 round of the National Series of National Cup which to take place in Bandung, West Java. Persitoli won three consecutive wins in the preliminary round of Group A. Srikandi Nawi Arigi Waleman the Blues has now collected 7 points and is currently at the top of Group A. In the first match which was held at Sabilulungan Field, Soreang, Friday (18/3/22), Persitoli won a landslide victory over the host West Java with a score of 7-0.

Then in the second match, they also beat Central Kalimantan with a score of 2-0. And the third match against Bangka Belitung, Sunday (20/3/22) this morning, Persitoli won with a score of 3-3. Persitoli only has one game left to face the weakest team in Group A, Central Java, Monday (21/3/22) tomorrow.

 Meanwhile, their closest competitors, West Java and Bangka Belitung, who both collected 3 points, still have two games left. Galanita Persitoli’s coach, Thomas Madjar, said he was satisfied with the performances of his team in three consecutive matches, even though they had problems adapting to synthetic fields. Madjar hopes that his team can continue to play well and achieve positive results until the next round.

“Our team’s performance has been quite good and I hope that in the future we can do better in the following matches,” said Madjar.

 He also hopes that his team can remain in top condition ahead of facing Central Java in the last match to determine the group winner. The reason is, he said that the tight schedule of the Pertiwi Cup preliminary round which was played four days in a row without a break made his team a little tired.

“Our children have to take care of their condition well, because we went through a game without rest for four days in a row. Those who do not take good care of the condition will surely be fatal,” he said.

The General Chairperson and Manager of Persitoli, Usman G Wanimbo, said he was optimistic that seeing his team’s readiness, they could win the Pertiwi Cup title this year. “They were amazing and won again, I as a manager feel proud and thanks to the players for getting a good result. For this national zone, we, from the local government and club management, are still ready to support and encourage them to be able to achieve achievements,” said Wanimbo.

 Looking at the results of the Group stage matches in this year’s Pertiwi Cup, the biggest rival came from the East Java team which also won a landslide victory in three matches in Group B. Persitoli himself was the winner of the Pertiwi Cup in the 2017 edition. Meanwhile, the achievement of Papuan representatives in the event was the most successful with three championship titles. Followed by West Java and South Sumatra, each of which collected one championship title.

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