Gadget Assistance Supports the Digital Transformation of Papuan Education – Telecommunication device assistance in the form of gadgets provided through the private sector corporate responsibility (CSR) program in Raja Ampat is a form of support for digital transformation in the education sector in Papua.

In addition to assist with the digitization of education, the aid program also supports efforts to promote Raja Ampat tourism digitally.

“This Lintasarta Gadget CSR program in addition to assits digital transformation in the education sector also to support the Raja Ampat tourism program where tourism promotion in Raja Ampat is expected to increase by using internet facilities,” said a Head of the Raja Ampat Encoding and Statistics Information Communications Service, Frits Feliks Dimara, quoted by Antara from a press release, on Friday.

This Gadget CSR program is a form of Lintasarta’s social responsibility in Pilar Pintar which is carried out through the delivery of a number of gadgets and socialization of healthy internet usage.

The CSR program of a company engaged in information and communication technology coupled with the socialization of healthy internet was held at the Raja Ampat District Education Office Hall in Waisai, West Papua.

Also attending the event were a Head of the Education and Culture Office of Raja Ampat Juariah Saifuddin and Deputy Regent of Raja Ampat Orideko Iriano Burdam along with other local government representatives.

Several schools in Raja Ampat receiving educational assistance through the Lintasarta Gadget program include SD Negeri 30 Mumes, SD Inpres 7 Beo, SD YPK Sion Warsambin, SD YPK Ebenheizer Selegof Kalitoko, SD Negeri 35 Kimindores, SD Inpres 5 Saleo, and SD YPK Silo Kabilol.

Each school received a number of laptops and their supporting devices to assist the teaching and learning process.

This activity, which is part of Lintasarta’s Smart Pillar of CSR, previously provided an assistance in the form of laptops, internet network facilities, cellphones, projectors and painting kits with the aim of assisting the Distance Learning (PJJ) process.

The assistance in 2021 has been distributed to the areas of Jakarta, Bekasi, Yogyakarta, Sukabumi, and Banyumas.

“The selection of West Papua as the location for CSR was carried out in line with the construction of the BAKTI 4G BTS carried out by Lintasarta and its consortium. We are happy and proud to be part of the government’s commitment to accelerate digital transformation in the Papua and West Papua regions through the construction of 4G BTS,” said a Senior Manager East Indonesia Regional Manager Lintasarta Prio Jatmiko.

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