Frost Hits 3 Villages in Lanny Jaya – People in Kuyawage Village, Luarem Village, and Jugu Nomba in Lanny Jaya Regency were hit by frost. A Head of the Jayapura Region V Center, Hendro Nugroho, explained that based on an analysis of the Dasarian rainfall III June to Dasarian rainfall I July , the Lanny Jaya area was in the medium to low category with rainfall between 25-75 mm/dasarian.

The minimum air temperature in Jayawijaya ranges from 12-15 degrees Celsius. “The air temperature in Lanny Jaya could be lower due to the difference in altitude between Lanny Jaya and Jayawijaya,” he explained, Tuesday, August 2, 2022.

BMKG invoked to the district government as well as the people of Lanny Jaya to remain alert to the potential for extreme weather such as frost, hail, and strong winds.

As a result, citizens in the village have a crop failure because the plants planted did not produce results due to extreme weather.

“It is necessary to build barns to store food so that during the dry season people do not experience hunger,” he said.

The BMKG predicts that the start of the dry season in Papua will occur in March 2022 and according to the BMKG forecast in the Lanny Jaya District which is included in ZOM 340, the beginning of the dry season will occur in June Dasarian I with the peak of the dry season also occurring in June 2022.

During the dry season, there are several things that happen including a decrease in rainfall due to the potential for cloud formation which tends to be insignificant.

The insignificant cloud growth also causes the air temperature to become colder because the heat received can be directly reflected back out of the earth.

“The air will feel colder because the air masses from the south are dry and cold. The process of evapotranspiration causes plants to become drier and unable to survive,” he explained.

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