From Yapen, Isoman Patient Healing Increases – The Yapen Islands District Health Office recorded that the recovery of Covid-19 patients who undergo self-isolation (Isoman) gets increased.

According to data from the local health office, since July 2021, there have been more than 300 Isoman patients who have recovered from Covid-19.

A Head of the Infectious Diseases Section of the Yapen Islands District Health Office, Yohanis Woisiri, explained that most Covid-19 patients undergoing Isoman are travellers by ship from western or outside Papua.

“This Isoman patient is under our monitoring, health workers and the Covid-19 Task Force team of Yapen. This Isoman patient was immediately detected by Covid-19 from the results of a checkup of antigen swab upon arrival at the Serui seaport,” he explained, Wednesday, August 3, 2021.

Yohanis said that after the patient was tested positive for Covid-19 and did not have severe symptoms, it was recommended to be Isoman and continue to be monitored by health workers.

“But if there are patients in the severe category, we will refer them to the hospital for better medical treatment. We are grateful that while undergoing Isoman, no patient died,” he said.

Meanwhile, until now the availability of drugs for Isoman patients is sufficient. He hoped people would maintain strict health protocols to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. “This is also intended to prevent the lack of drugs if Covid-19 cases increase,” he said.

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