Free Flights at Mappi for its Citizens, These are the Requirements – The government of Mappi Regency, South Papua, is providing free flights and shipping for people who will be celebrating Christmas 2022 and New Year 2023. This subsidy program is specifically for the community, pupils and students of Indigenous Papuans with Mappi Regency Identity Cards (KTP).

This program does not apply to civil servants, military, police, DPRD members, private employees, BUMN, BUMD, PKD, leaders and members of political parties. Registration opens from 9 – 23 December 2022 at the Mappi Transportation Service Office.

As for the requirements for the community, namely KTP, Family Card (KK), Child Identity Card (KIA) for children, and a certificate of incapacity from the local district, sub-district or village. While the requirements for students and students, namely student cards or student cards, KK, and KTP for those who already have.

Regarding the shipping route, it will include the Kepi-Merauke, Kepi-Bade (PP), Kepi-Senggo (PP) flight routes, and the Kepi-Mur-Asiki (PP) .

An Acting Mappi Regent Michael Gomar, SSTP MSi, Friday 9 December 2022 said, the provision of free flight and shipping subsidies for Christmas 2022 and New Year 2022 is expected to ease the burden on society in anticipating the inflationary impact of fuel price adjustments.

This is based on the Regulation of the Minister of Finance Number 134/PMK.07/2022, concerning mandatory spending in the context of handling the impact of inflation for the 2022 fiscal year.

In addition, the Decree of the Director General of Civil Aviation Number PR 14 of 2022, regarding the policy of imposing tariffs on Non-Tax State Revenue (PNBP). “And also based on Perbup Number 34 of 2022, regarding Mappi’s Revised APBD,” he explained.

The PJ Regent hopes that people who want to celebrate Christmas and New Year can take advantage of the transportation services provided by the Regency Government. “This subsidy program is specifically for Indigenous Papuans who live in Mappi,” he concluded.

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