Four Small German Organizations Present UEM Mission in GKI Tanah Papua – The Central Board of the Wineuk, Pronggoli, Panggema and Kosarek (ANPROPAKOS) families in Jayapura held a one-day seminar with the theme ‘Internationalization of the United Evangelical Mission (UEM)’ for the 25th year (1996-2021).

United Evangelical Mission (UEM) is a German church organization that is partnering with the Evangelical Christian Church (GKI) in Papua.

Nathan Pahabol, one of the seniors of ANPROPAKOS at the opening of the one-day seminar which was held in the GKI Pdt. S Liborang in Padagangbulan, Jayapura City, Papua, Saturday (3/7/2021) said that what the ANPROPAKOS students did was a positive activity for developing student insight into the future.

Nathan Pahabol is an alumni of the UEM scholarship and has been involved in many UEM activities from GKI in Papua, both domestically and abroad. He is currently a member of the Papuan DPRP.

According to Pdt. Hummel, who is currently teaching at STT GKI I. S. Kijne Abepura, said that the UEM institution was originally named Rheinische Missionsgesellschaft (RMG in German) or Rhenish Missionary Society (English).

Before RMG, he said, it was originally a small organization from a combination of 4 small organizations in Germany. “At that time there were 12 people meeting in a leather barber’s house and talking about evangelism and ministry. Over there they took praying and fellowship. After that they started following all the reports from previous missions in Asia, Africa.”

“They started praying and started running donations through small chests. The goal is to send these small donations to mission agencies in Switzerland, the Netherlands and others. From those 4 organizations they formed RMG and then sent missionaries. RMG had sent missionaries to Borneo (Kalimantan). Later his name became United Evangelical Mission (UEM) which was at the request of the Chairman of the First GKI Synod, Pdt. F.J. Rumainum send Pdt. Siegfried Zollner and dr. Friend to the Yalimu area in 1959,” said Pdt. Hummel.

Rev. Daniel Mofu, Member of BP Am Region II, said that UEM’s mission was not only in Balim and Yalimu, but also for GKI in Papua as a whole. “But in this context we (Balim – Yalimu) are happy because they focus more on us,” said Pdt. Dani.

Therefore, he asked Yalimu students who are members of the ANPROPAKOS bond in Jayapura to also make partner with others. For example, the Wineuk students in Jayapura have to make partner or have a lot of discussions with Apahapsili students. Including the other way around, so that together we can build the region.

The seminar itself was ended by Drs. Jan Rumbrar, Rev. Joyce da Costa and Rev. Gritje Monim from the Department of Partnership and Ecumenical Relations of the GKI Synod in Papua.

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