Four Regencies Provide Grant Funds for the Implementation of the Government of South Papua – Merauke Regency Government, Papua will disburse a grant of IDR 20 billion from the Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD) for the 2023 fiscal year for the administration of the South Papua Province government – PPS.

Besides Merauke, three other regencies in southern Papua, namely Mappi, Boven Digul and Asmat, will also provide grants of IDR 10 billion each for the province of South Papua.

The Regional Secretary of Merauke Regency, Ruslan Ramli stated that the Merauke, Asmat, Boven Digul and Mappi Regency Governments had provided a grant of IDR 50 billion to support the government of South Papua Province.

“It (the grant) became a joint commitment of the four districts in southern Papua at that time. The total that will be donated is IDR 50 billion. The Merauke Regency Government gave Rp20 billion, and the other three districts Rp10 billion each,” said Ramli, Monday (19/9/2022).

Ramli stated that the grant from the Merauke Regency Government for South Papua Province would be realized through the 2023 master budget.

In addition, the Merauke Regency Government has also provided a budget of IDR 1 billion. The funds are to support South Papua character activities for the next three months, commencing October 2022.

“For the inauguration of the PPS, which is planned for October 2022, the budget has been provided. We also donate IDR 1 billion to support the activities of the acting governor for the next three months. So in addition to the facilities and infrastructure that we have prepared, we also provide the budget,” he said.

Ramli added that the information he obtained was that three other districts in South Papua will also provide grant funds to the South Papua Provincial Government in 2023.

“Apart from the four districts, later the main province will also provide grants. Later, the South Papua Provincial Government will prepare a mini APBD even though there is no DPR, then the APBD will be partnered by the Ministry of Home Affairs, and the basis for the decision will be determined by the character,” he added.

Previously, working group I of the task force for safeguarding the new autonomous region of the Ministry of Home Affairs confirmed the grant funds for the administration of the South Papua Province administration.

Director of the Synchronization of Regional Government Affairs I of the Directorate General of Regional Development at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Edison Siagian, said before confirming the agreement between the Papua Provincial Government and four regencies in the south to provide grant funds to the South Papua Provincial Government.

“We continue to check regarding the plan to provide grants by the Papua Provincial Government and four district governments in the southern region, namely Merauke, Boven Digul, Mappi and Asmat, to the South Papua Provincial Government. We want to know how the realization of the agreement will be,” said Siagian.

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