Form of Free Health Services for Papuan Peak Citizens – The Cartenz 2022 Peace Operations Task Force provides free health services for citizens of Puncak Regency, Papua, Wednesday 1 June 2022, which coincides with the anniversary of the birth of Pancasila.

Free health services with a pick-up system led by an Inspector of Police Two or Ipda, Yan A. Wambrauw. The health services referred to start from health check-ups and the provision of free medicines.

Yan Wambrouw said, in health services, his party also provides health consultations to the Puncak community. He also recommended that the public check once a week at the Binmas Task Force Command Post Noken Ops Damai Cartenz 2022.

“Prevention is better than cure, therefore every patient we have treated must be provided an explanation so that it is not easy to get the same disease again,” said Yan Wambrouw as quoted from the release of Public Relations of the Papua Police.

In addition to finding complaints of headaches, said Yan, his party also found complaints of toothaches. For the treatment itself, the Medical Ops Task Force of Peace Cartenz 2022 provides drugs ranging from Asamefenamic, Dexametazon and Amoxilin.

“One of the people being examined had a headache, so we from the Medical Team of the Cartenz Peace Ops Task Force 2022 provide free consultation and medicines to the person concerned so that the symptoms of the disease are reduced,” he said.

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