Foreign NGOs in Papua Need to be Watched – The presence of foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Papua needs to be watched out for. An Intelligence Observer, Stanislaus Riyanto, said that foreign NGOs were not only to social activities, but there were also those who secretly supported Papuan separation.

In fact, he said, these foreign NGOs are not only to campaign activities abroad but also involved in the direct activities in Papua. “These activities can be disguised in the form of social actions that have the potential to endanger the stability of Papua, because in addition to the possibility of these activities illegally they can channel direct support to Papuan separatist activists, including in the form of funds and technicalities,” he said.

According to Riyanto, the intervention of foreign NGOs in the Papuan people can also cause unrest that can provoke riots to break out. This rioting can then be used to blame the policies and activities of the Indonesian government in Papua, as well as to justify the Papuan separatist movement and demand international intervention. “Foreign involvement in the riots in Papua is included in the form of funds and logistics,” said Riyanto.

Foreign NGOs pro-separation Papua often use the pretext of defending local communities against human rights violations and injustice in the use of Papua’s natural resources. However, said Riyanto, it is possible that the main objective of foreign NGOs is for their own interests or for those who stand behind them. “There has been a lot of evidence that several foreign NGOs are carrying out activities that are not in accordance with their main mission to fulfill requests from funders,” he said.

Although currently the condition of the Papuan separation movement has not yet reached a dangerous stage, the government still needs to be alert and start taking appropriate steps to prevent unwanted things from happening. The government, said Riyanto, needs to take concrete actions in the form of continuing to equalize development in Papua and improve communication with local residents to accommodate their aspirations.

In addition, Riyanto continued, the government needs to prevent the infiltration of separatist ideology by means of surveillance. Steps such as inspections of foreign NGO activities in the field need to be intensified as well. This is to prevent activities that can provoke incidents which are vulnerable to abuse by the Papuan independence movement.

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