For the sake of the Spirit of Welfare, the Chairperson of the Lapago Regents Association will Hold a Discussion Forum Concerning the Division – The Association of Regents for the Central Highlands of Papua or Lapago will open a room for discussion about the formation of a new autonomous region or (DOB) for the division of Papua in the near future.

The discussion will bring together parties from the government, church, intellectuals to the people who support or reject the expansion of the land of Papua.

This was conveyed by the elected Chairperson of the Association of Central Papuan Regents, Ricky Ham Pagawak, during a celebration at the end of the 10-year term of leadership of the Regent of Lanny Jaya, Befa Yigibalom in Wamena, Thursday 19 May 2022.

“In response to the new autonomous regions, I as the chairman of the association will soon open a discussion room to discuss the benefits of attending the new autonomous regions for whom, what are the benefits, what are the interests and what will happen in the future, so that the association decides this according to the needs and interests of the people,” said Ham Pagawak .

In the upcoming discussion room, said Ham Pagawak, the Lapago Regents Association will stand in the middle and not take sides regarding the expansion which is being pushed by the Central Government.

“I will take care of this, so as to avoid what is conveyed by the public, it is not seen that our regents who have two terms with friends in the DPR having interests, so we will prioritize what the people want,” he said.

In addition to inviting intellectuals, continued Ham Pagawak, the discussion which will be opened by the Lapago Regents Association also invites government, church and community leaders from both parties.

“Are we really agreeing to accept this, if it is open and agreed there is no problem, but if a lot of voices say “we don’t want it”, then like it or not, the association must listen, because we are elected by the people, and not appointed,” he said.

Ham Pagawak ensured that he would prioritize the aspiration of the people in discussions about the upcoming division. This is because the purpose of forming the Lapago Regents Association is to help the interests of the people.

“If we are appointed, it is certainly different, we need no the people, but we listen to the government, but get back to the regents of this association, we are chosen by the people, the people’s voice must be a priority,” he said.

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