FK Uncen Graduated Over 900 Doctors for Papua – Since its establishment in 2002, the Medical Study Program has changed to become the Faculty of Medicine in 2009 and at the same time graduated its first graduate in 2009. During the 20 years of its existence, the Faculty of Medicine has graduated hundreds of young doctors for Papua, and some have even continued their education as specialist doctors.

 A Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, dr. Trajanus Laurens Jembise, Sp.B said, the Faculty of Medicine is in its development, increasing into 4 study programs, namely the medical undergraduate study program, the medical profession, the nursing education study program and the nurse profession.

  While the accreditation of the Faculty of Medicine itself was in 2013 accreditation C, and 2017 accreditation B. This accreditation is very important because this accreditation is a statement to the public that the education process, the student admission process that occurs is in accordance with health standards.

  From 2009 – 2022, his office has completed approximately 900 doctors, of which the first Dean produced 200 doctors, while himself from 2015 -2022 produced 856 doctors.

  “This means, if the 856 doctors produced are used properly, it will be better. We Uncen are only in charge of creating human resources, while the absorption of doctors is not our business, this is the business of the Provincial Health Office, City / Regency Health Office, even the Ministry of Health,” he said to, Friday (17/6) yesterday.

 A Doctor Trajanus guarantees that the Faculty of Medicine, Uncen, has completed qualified human resources, can be used and can also save the community. Because every medical graduate from Uncen is in accordance with the specified standards. According to him, to enter the Faculty of Medicine, there must be standards, because in the end to become a doctor there must be a competency test.

  “Learning in Medicine is the longest, in addition to getting a medical degree for 5 years, you have to take a competency exam for 2 years before taking the state exam, so a total of 7 years,” he added.

  He continued, thereby ensuring that Uncen Medical graduates are qualified graduates and are ready to be placed anywhere.

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