Fiscal Transfers to Maintain Forests and People of the Land of Papua – Ecology-based fiscal transfers are awarded based on forest and environmental management performance, including in Tanah Papua.

The scheme of the fiscal transfer consists of the Ecology-Based National Budget Transfer (TANE), the Ecology-Based Provincial Budget Transfer (TAPE), and the Ecology-Based Regency Budget Transfer (TAKE). Cocoa cultivation is one of the TAKE programs that has been successfully implemented in Jayapura Regency, Papua.

This success cannot be separated from the multi-stakeholder collaboration between civil society organizations and the local government. The parties involved include The Asia Foundation (TAF) and the Limited Association for the Assessment and Empowerment of Indigenous Peoples (PT PPMA) in training cocoa cultivation.

Meanwhile, the Small Business Association Incubator Company (PUPUK) plays a role in connecting farmers with buyers.

Meanwhile, the Jayapura Regency Government contributes in providing incentives to villages and communities. The village government also plays a role in driving the economy and protecting the environment.

The existence of these fiscal transfers is beneficial in introducing cocoa cultivation, supporting forest conservation, boosting the the added value advance, and improving the economy of the villages.

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