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Finally, 694 Teachers in Papua Receive SK Appointment of PPPK

goodmorningpapua.com – A total of 694 teachers in Papua received a Government Employee Decree (SK) with an Employment Agreement (PPPK). The Decree is Submitted by the Provincial Government of Papua. Papua Province Regional Secretary Muhammad Ridwan Ruikutun in Jayapura, Wednesday (14/9/2022)

“Out of a total of 922 people who passed the online exam, only 694 had a SK and a work agreement. Meanwhile, 204 are still being processed at the Regional Office IX BKN Jayapura,” he said.

Ridwan said the decree had been symbolically handed over to 694 people, so they could make adjustments.

“While the remaining 204 can follow so that colleagues can carry out their duties,” he said.

Ridwan explained that the formation of teacher PPPK in 2021 is a program of the Ministry of Education which is coordinated with the Regional Library and Archives Education Office of Papua Province.

“Technically, the teachers are already on duty, so this is the right moment because these 922 people will be spread across three New Autonomous Regions (DOB),” he explained.

He hopes that teachers who have received the decree symbolically must prepare themselves to advance education.

The Papua Province Regional Library and Archives Education Office, Protasius Lobya, said that a total of 922 teachers came from all over Papua.

“If the teacher comes from the Jayawijaya school, then the place is in Papua Mountains, as well as other teachers,” he said.

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