Field Assistants Youth for Indigenous Papuans Must Be Digitally Literate – The Regent of Biak, Papua Province, Herry Ario Naap asked the Papuan youth (OAP) who are field assistants to have the ability and skills to be digitally literate.

“Digitalization training for youth assistants in the digital literacy field in the Saereri customary area, which includes Biak Numfor, Supiori, Waropen and Yapen Islands, is a provision for companions to understand the digital era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0,” said Biak Regent Herry Ario Naap in a statement in Biak, Thursday.

On Wednesday (28/9) through the remarks of the Head of E-Government of the Biak Communications and Informatics Office, Gazali, when opening the training for strengthening “capacity building” for the digital literacy field assistant of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics in Biak, the Regent stated that in the era of “cyber physical” the system was a revolution that focuses on automation and collaboration between technology and communication.

He said, the 4.0 revolution itself emerged in the 21st century with the main characteristic of merging information and communication technology into the industrial sector.

With the emergence of this revolution, for Gazali, it has changed many sectors of human life and affected certain operational performances being replaced by technological machines.

He admitted that the changes were very influential in life compared to the previous industrial revolution era. The Industrial Revolution 4.0 was marked by the development of the Internet of / for Things, where its presence was so fast.

“Take advantage of this training time to improve digital information technology capabilities,” he said.

Gazali said that the Biak Numfor Regency Government was grateful for the Ministry of Communication and Informatics’ Bakti because it had helped provide digital literacy skills for young people who became assistants in the digital literacy field.

Meanwhile, Representative of the Papuan Belantara Foundation, Saneraro Wamaer, said that revolution 4.0 instills intelligent technology that can be connected to various areas of human life.

“It’s no secret that nowadays everyone is dependent on smartphones so that Papuan youth who become field assistants can understand digital literacy,” he said.

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